15 February 2013 - 11:11Toys for the Big Boys: Amphibious Car sQuba by Rinspeed

If you have been into amazing cars and road trips, then you might consider a new high, going underwater using an amphibious car.

You might have seen it on James Bond flicks but the Squba car from Rinspeed lets car lovers experience the thrill in real life. The Squba was actually inspired by the amphibious vehicle used by the British spy agent in 1977 played by Roger Moore in The Spy who Loved Me.

From the outside, the Squba just looks like your ordinary supercar that will let you zoom quickly on the highway but it has the ability to go at 3mph under 30 feet of water. Yes, that is pretty slow and you can even be faster if you will get out and swim but the concept car achieves what other vehicles cannot do.

The Squba takes the form of a convertible and the designers really made this as their conscious choice so the occupants can escape in case they need to.

So in case you plan to stay dry and have fun underwater, this concept car is not for you. The submersible does not come cheap and has a tag price of $400,000. It is still cheaper than a Rolls-Royce but it does not come with all the practicality and all the spy car features you might wish for.

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3 December 2012 - 5:07Best Whisky: Bowmore 18 Islay Single Malt Scotch

If you are looking for the finest spirits in the market, then it will be a fun road of discovery for you. There is a wide array of flavors that you can choose from like vanilla, wood, fruit, smoke, caramel, or maybe chocolate. The profile of its flavor will give away where it came from.

Speaking of Scotch, Scotland is divided into several regions namely Islay, the Islands, Campbeltown, Speyside, Highlands, and the Lowlands. The Islay is famous for its smoky and complex scotch. The small town is part of the Islands with only three thousand residents. It is also home to eight distilleries.

The best of the best is the Bowmore which has received the Distillery of the Year distinction several times. The Bowmore 18 is a perfect expression of the distillery and has won prestigious awards in different countries and spirits competitions.

Some of the most expensive vintage of the label include a trilogy of whiskies that were distilled in November 1964. This series includes the Bowmore White costing $6,000, the Black costing $4,500, and the Gold Bowmore selling for $6,250. Less than nine hundred bottles of each were made making them very rare.

The year they were introduced was also when Bowmore made use of stills powered by steam that were able to produce smoother spirits.
Here is a quick guide to Bowmore:

  • Bowmore 18 – Mahogany in color with a blend of flavors hinting chocolate, fruit, smoke, and caramel.
  • Bowmore Gold – The Gold is matured in Oloroso Sherry and Bourbon casks before blended together. The flavors are from exotic fruits like papaya and passion fruits, vanilla, and smoke.
  • Bowmore White – A golden syrup that has been matured inside bourbon casks with scents of papaya, mango, and Gallia melon.
  • Bowmore Black – This whisky has been matured in Oloroso casks to get that ebony color with matching aromas of cinnamon, ginger, and exotic fruits.

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5 October 2012 - 5:53Dino Panna wallet by GTO London

GTO London is an elegant brand of accessories inspired by the attention to details of GTO Engineering. They have a beautiful collection of cufflinks, pins, key fobs, and leather wallets. Today, we put spotlight on their Dino Panna wallet.

The Dino Panna was actually inpsired by an elegant, classic ride from the Italian carmaker Ferrari. The Dino Panna takes the lines from the interior of the Ferrari Dino that had a timeless look for its interior. The seats of the famous car represents the luxury of its design that took form in the form of high quality leather.

GTO London takes the cue from the interior of the automotive classic and turn it into something that can be used everyday. Thus, the birth of the Dino Panna wallet. Open the black packaging, and behold, a small piece of artwork that provides a nostalgic lookback to the seats of the Ferrari Dino.

The wallet has been carefully stitch to imitate the lines of the driver’s seat of the Italian car brand. There will be no doubt that the wallet carries a Ferrari look.

The Dino Panna makes use of a cream leather for its exterior whle insides are delicately lined with black leather. One variant does not have coin pocket and features an ID compartment, 9 slots for credit cards, divider for currencies, and receipt slots. The one with a coin pocket has space for coins, six credit cards, receipt slots, and compartment divider to separate currencies.

The skills of the GTO London craftsmen are demonstrated on the careful stithcing of the wallet that remained faithful to the design of the seats of the Ferrari Dino. The GTO London small, metal sterring wheel completes the look of the wallet.

The Dino Panna sells for 215 quids. That is actually a very good price for a very good leather work.

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3 July 2012 - 7:05Top sexy lingerie brands

la-perlaWomen who love the finer things of life also make sure they wear the best lingeries their money can buy. We feature some of the sexiest lingerie brands you can get hold of today:

Fleur of England

This lingerie brand was launched back in 2000. Since then it has released lingerie collections that started trends in the market. It has set itself apart from other designer lingeries. The Fleur of England climb its way to the top with hand-drawn prints, the materials they use, excellent fit, and eccentric styles.

I.D. Sarrieri

This brand is all about extravagance, sex, and seduction. The young owner, Luli Dubrin, bought a half century old lingerie brand and built her company from there. Using the finest Italian and French Silks and transforming them to the most sophisticated lingeries, I.D. Sarrieri continues to attract those who want to tempt and provoke the senses.


This Italian made lingerie focuses on innovation, details, and patterns while using the best materials available. Parah follows the philosophy of being sexy yet comfortable. Through the years, Parah has produced lines of of persuasive, precious, and refined lingerie.

Guia La Bruna

If you are looking for fun, youthful, and frisky lingerie, Guia La Bruna is the brand for you. The designer and owner actually followed the footsteps of her father who was also a lingerie designer. The younger Guia injected her own twists to her creations to tickle the senses of consumers.


Emanuela Brizzi is the one responsible for bringing the fine collection of lingerie to the American market. She combined the technical aspects and her creativity to produce luxury lingeries that attract celebrities like Leighton Meester.

La Perla

The brand is among the best luxury lingerie brands today. It is best known for its sophistication, unparalleled quality, and exquisite designs. The brand has been in the market since the 1940s and has defined the mastery of the art of making luxury lingeries.

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25 April 2012 - 6:0412 of the most expensive shoes for ladies

There are just people who will spend anything to get what they want. If you love shoes, then we are sure you will drool with our list below, enumerating the most expensive ladies shoes we know of today:

1. Rita Hayworth’s shoes by Stuart Weitzman

The gorgeous pair of heels features diamonds, sapphires and rubies and were made for Kathleen York, the artist nominated in the 2006 Oscars. The elegant shoes were inspired by the timeless Rita Hayworth. Tag price is at $3 million.

2. Ruby slippers by Harry Winston

This pricey slipper is no ordinary as its sticker price is $3 million. Ronald Winston designed this pari back in 1989 during the 50th anniversary of the Wizard of Oz. Javiar Barrera spent around 2 moths to set every piece of gem on the red shoes. There are about 50 carats of set diamonds and about 4,600 rubies. Pretty overwhelming indeed!

3. Stuart Weitzman evening sandals

There could be more gems on this evening shoes more than the jewelry in most women’s jewelry boxes. The sandals have385 precious gems adorning them. The shoes is crafted from silver leather that goes well the the front strap and ankle bracelet. Do not be surprised but put this in the bag and it will cost you $2 million.

4. Ruby Slippers by Stuart Weitzman

From the same design house as most price shoes above came from, Stuart Weitzman created this 120 carat slippers embelished with rubies. It is covered by red satin plus pure platinum. The absolute must have is not for everyone at $1.6 million.

5.Platinunm Guild Heels By Stuart Weitzman

This shoes at $1.09 million was paired to a necklace worth $27 million so Laura Harring had a several body guards when she came to the Academy Awards in 2002 where they were first worn and paraded before the public.

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15 December 2011 - 7:14Red & Gold McLaren SLR for sale

mercedes_mclaren_slr_rxmiwBack in 2009, a special edition Red and Gold MCLaren SLR made a big buzz. It is for sale today. I want it for Christmas but it has a tag price that will burn a big hole on my bank account. It is $11 million!

The Red Gold artwork from Mercedes has around 600 rubies and a good amount of gold in all its 24 carat glory. It took around 35,000 man hours to complete the assembly of this McLaren SLR. The red paint serves as a perfect background for all the gems lying around.

A Swiss entrepreneur is the brains behind this extravagant automobile. The extravagant ambition made sure that Midas had to touch the grille emblem, alloy rims background of the headlamps, and rear spoiler. There is more gold on the inside for the steering wheel, sun visor, seat cover, door skirts, dashboard, and carpeting. Even the paint has around five kilos of gold mixed into it. The car looks good after 25 coatings of paint and the bling is completed with the details inscribed using paint made of liquid gold.

You might be wondering where the rubies were used? They replaced most of the buttons, bolts and nuts. The side mirrors also has smaller rubies emblazoned around it.

The powerplant of this Merc was also tweaked to go well with all the gems used with it. The engine was beefed up to produce 700 horsepower. It also has a GPS system which can help you trace the car anywhere in the globe. It also has feisty alarm system.

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19 April 2009 - 17:12Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Cameron Highlands

Breathtaking view from the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia. Via Dave’s World Travel.

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12 April 2009 - 10:08Valege Lingerie SS09

Beautiful new Valege Lingerie for Summer 2009. As always, very classy and luxurious!

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5 April 2009 - 11:12Jaguar XJ220

The Jaguar XJ220 is probably the most exotic and sick Jaguar ever made.

Jaguar XJ220

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5 April 2009 - 11:10Fatou Fatal Lingerie

My loard these Fatou Fatal pieces are delicate and pretty. I like a lot!

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